Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama Tries To Turn Citizens Against Citizens

A hallmark of Obama’s presidency since his early days in office has been his habit of pitting American citizens against each other: Democrats vs. Republicans, blacks vs. whites, rich vs. poor, climate change alarmists vs. climate change skeptics, gay vs. straight, etc.
It was shocking at first. Seven years in, it is depressingly expected of the Community-Organizer-in-Chief.
In his weekly address, released Friday, Obama vowed to spend his final year in office seeking ways to impose gun control policies via executive fiat, and urged American citizens to stand up against groups like the NRA — which, of course, is made up of other American citizens.
Rabbits can’t fight themselves. From the time they are children, they are helpless and impotent. So they learn these techniques. One day they get the strong kid angry at their enemy, and watch as their enemy is beaten. It is the only way they can ever win at anything, so they use it.
When they grow up, they become community organizers, politicians, and your basic liberal agitator.
It is a great strategy as things turn r, and avoidance of fighting yourself is the best strategy. Both your enemy, and the person you get fighting with them lose out.
It does not work well in Apocalypse.

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