Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New epidemic: Microcephaly spreading in Brazil


Microcephaly spreading in Brazil

DAILYKENN.com -- Microcephaly, a tragic birth defect that affects head size of newborns, is epidemic in Brazil. 

Reports say prior to 2015 there had been only 400 known cases of the disorder in that nation. However, in 2015 alone there were nearly 3,000 cases. 

Microcephaly is caused by the Zika virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes and originated in Uganda. 

To stem the epidemic Brazilian authorities are discouraging Brazilian women from giving birth. 

Not surprisingly the predatory left is blaming the epidemic on 'climate change,' formerly known as 'global warming' which, in turn, is blamed on free-market captialism. 
See video below.

What to expect? 

Expect more Brazilians to seek to enter the United States illegally to take advantage of America's advanced health care system. 

Expect Western culture to intervene, providing technology to remedy or eradicate the problem, but without receiving proper acknowledgement from the media. 

Since May 2015, the Brazilian government estimates that some 1.5 million people have been infected with the virus. In children and adults, the infection is mostly benign: some suffer from fever and red rashes, while others may be symptomless. However, after finding the virus in the placenta of children born with microcephaly, Brazilian doctors have been warning women to delay their pregnancy if at all possible. “Most” mothers of microcephalic children, according to CNN, had Zika-like symptoms early in their pregnancy. — QZ.com

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