Monday, January 18, 2016

Flailing Rand Paul Goes Full Cuckservative (“Trump Must Be Stopped”) But Paleo-Libertarianism May Emerge From Wreckage

Rand Paul got caught in the trap of wanting to be liked by the Leftist Press and the other Leftist “Good whites”. Whites today are judged by how they relate to non-whites. If they dare to be critical of non-whites in a manner the Left regards in anyway “inappropriate” they risk being ostracized as “racist” by the Goodwhites. This means for a Republican office holder not being invited to the hip cocktail parties  attended by celebrities, shunned when they pass others in the halls, asked all kinds of snarky and insulting questions by reporters, protested in front of their homes by Leftist demonstrators, harassed on the streets and in restaurants by Leftist activists and etc. , etc. This is hard for most people (and especially their families) to endure since the Leftist Goodwhites are the  majority in DC and we have all been conditioned from childhood to want to be liked by our school mates and co-workers. We know from experience that if you are not liked by most of your school mates your life is a living hell. Thus DC is ruled by “mean girl” politics and the Left are the mean girls who decide who’s hip and cool and who’s not. Rand Paul mistakenly believed he could buy love from the Left and gain the votes of Democrat supporters. This is the game plan of the entire RGOP establishment, not just Rand unfortunately. Imagining you can convert members of the hard Left  Constituencies to conservativism would be like the Pope sending priests to preach in Mecca during the Hadj. You’d just end up losing a lot of priests, priests that you have too few of to tend to the Catholic faithful to begin with. You would gain no new converts and the Catholic faithful would feel abandoned. Thus Rand just ended up looking like another pandering cuckservative to the very voters who make up the majority of his constituency. Trump on the other hand knew from the beginning he could never buy love from the Left. The results speak for themselves. As Ronald Reagan observed, you have to understand the difference between the critics and the box office.

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