Wednesday, January 13, 2016

100 people shot in gun-free Chicago; Obama blames ... Indiana? -

It’s those Gee-Dee Hoosiers who are to blame… They insist on being free to run their own lives, to  live under their own laws and to have the means to defend themselves from criminal assault. Gosh darn bitter clingers!

As of Jan. 10, one-hundred people had been shot in Chicago. That's ten per day. 

In a feeble effort to explain the problem, Barack Obama blamed neighboring Indiana. 


“Well, the problem is, is that about 30, 40 percent of those guns are coming from Indiana, across the border, where there are much laxer laws,” Obama said. “They go to a gun show in Indiana, where right now they don’t have to do a background check, load up a van, and open up that van and sell them to kids in gangs in Chicago -- if now that person has to go through a background check, they’ve got to register, ATF has the capacity then to find out if and when a gun is used in a crime in Chicago where that gun had come from. And now you know here’s somebody who seems to be willing to sell a gun to a 15-year-old who had a known record.”
Were that true, one would expect gun violence to be as severe in Indiana — if not more so — than in Chicago. It isn't. 

• Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi inadvertently disputed Obama's claim by noting that more illegal guns were in Chicago than any other city. Clearly, they are not being bought legally by the van load at Indiana gun shows as the president contends. 

• Earlier this year a black UPS driver and two accomplices were arrested for allegedly murdering the white owner of a rural gun store near North Vernon, Indiana [source]. Obama may be unaware that thieves who murder and steal hundreds of guns don't bother to register. [source]

• Hoosiers are only confronted with gun violence in areas where urban savagery dominates. 

Obviously, there is some other factor contributing to gun violence in Chicago. No one dares mention what that problem may be lest they be labeled 'racist.'

Meanwhile, privileged white liberals find refuge on the whiter side of the fence by isolating themselves in Jim Crow suburbs, insulated from urban savagery.

Indianapolis was ranked #9 among the ten most dangerous cities for murder in 2014 [source]. The adjacent city of Fishers, Ind. was cited as the safest city in the nation in 2011. There is a difference and gun ownership is not that difference. 

The difference is demographics.

Of the ten most dangerous cities in 2015, only two are in states adjacent to Indiana. All have black populations significantly higher than the national average of about 13%.

• The ten most dangerous cities in 2015 were:

1 - Detroit, Mich. 82.7% black / 
2 - Oakland, Calif. 28.0% black / no
3 - Memphis, Tenn. 62.6% black / no
4 - St. Louis, Mo. 49.2% black / no
5 - Cleveland, Oh. 51.0% black / yes
6 - Balitmore, Md.  63.0% black / no
7 - Milwaukee, Wisc. 22.9% black / no
8 - Birmingham, Ala. 73.4% black / no
9 - Newark, NJ 52.35% black / no
10 - Kansas City, Mo.  29.9% black / no


Seven people were shot to death and 30 more were wounded across Chicago over the weekend, raising the number of shootings in the city to more than 100 in just over a week into the new year, according to police.

The fatal shootings included two teens killed by a store clerk during a robbery in the Gresham neighborhood on the South Side, and one of three people shot at a party four blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home.

As of Monday morning, at least 19 people have been killed in gun violence in Chicago this year and at least 101 more have been wounded, according to data compiled by the Tribune.  This time last year, nine people had been killed and another 31 wounded, according to statistics kept by the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement blaming most of the violence on "chronic gang conflicts."

"Every year Chicago Police recover more illegal guns than officers in any other city, and as more and more illegal guns continue to find their way into our neighborhoods it is clear we need stronger state and federal gun laws," Guglielmi said in the statement. "So far this year, the majority of the gun violence we've seen are a result of chronic gang conflicts driven in part by social media commentary and petty disputes among rival factions. Despite an overall lack of cooperation from gang members, detectives are working aggressively and making optimistic progress in several cases."

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