Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Donald Duck signs petition for 2nd Brexit vote - DailyKenn.com


Seriously? Millions call for second Brexit vote? 

These have to be bogus signatures, I thought. 

So I signed the petition using the alias Donald Duck. 

The intent was to see how difficult it would be to add a bogus signature to the petition for a second Brexit vote. 

It seems all one needs do to be counted on the petition is have an e-mail address and enter a UK postal code. 

If one activist has 100 e-mail addresses, that activist will be counted as 100. If 1,000 activists have 100 e-mail addresses, they will be counted as 100,000. If 10,000 activists stay up all night using 250 e-mail addresses each, they will add 2.5 million bogus signatures to the petition.  


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