Saturday, December 26, 2015

Two-Thirds Of Young Democrats Eager To Accept Refugees From Fictional City In Aladdin Movie | Zero Hedge

Earlier in the week, many scoffed at the stereotype-confirming 30% of Republicans than supported the bombing of Agrabah - the fictional city from the Disney movie Aladdin. Now, according to WPAResearch, a new poll shows a stunning 66% of young Democrats are especially eager to take in the imaginary refugees.
As WPAResearch reports,
Public Policy Polling, which is known for adding questions in surveys to exploit Republicans who are less informed, recently found that 30% of Republican voters would support bombing Agrabah, a fictional country in the Disney film Aladdin.

On December 20, 2015, WPA Research fielded a national survey of 1,132 registered voters that found 44% of Democrats would support taking refugees from that same Agrabah.

Would you support or oppose allowing refugees from Agrabah to be re-settled in the United States?

PPP may have proven that some Republicans will support bombing a fictional country, but fully 44% of Democrats will allow refugees from anywhere into the country, whether they are potential ISIS supporters from Syria or potential cartoon characters on a magic carpet ride.

Additionally, 'Young' Democrats aged 18-34, a key constituency of President Obama, are especially eager to take in imaginary refugees.

So, nearly two-thirds of these voters support accepting refugees from Agrabah. This seems particularly suprising given this generation grew up watching Disney films such as Aladdin.
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As Mike Krieger concluded recently,
And you wonder why things are the way they are. These are the people who will choose the Presidential nominees for each corrupt political party.

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