Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WND Asks Is Hillary Taking Drug Holidays?

“Is Hillary off the campaign trail because her physicians have put her on a drug holiday?” Noel asks, noting she also stopped campaigning for a prolonged period before the second debate.
“A ‘drug holiday’ is often prescribed for Parkinson’s disease patients,” Noel explained to WND. “The problem is that Parkinson’s patients need increased doses of their medication as the disease progresses.”
A drug holiday, he said, would “allow her physicians to get her drug-free for a while, so she can be on lower doses when the drugs are restarted.”
“She needs to be able to come on stage appearing to walk and smile normally,” Noel said.
You see how the Presidency ages someone. Whatever it is about being hustled from meeting to meeting at light speed, being briefed on a speech in minutes and then having to give it, being told the particulars of some grave issue you are about to decide and then making the call by the seat of your pants – it wears people out fast.
Hillary is literally dying right before us over a matter of months, doing nothing more than a half-assed campaign schedule. I have no idea how this woman can think she will hold that office for long, or why she would be so hell bent on making everyone miserable that she would literally cut her life that short to do it.
She is really unhinged. The scale of the insanity Trump is saving us from is unprecedented.

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